Radionic Distributors


At Radionic our products reflect our passion for the providing high quality and good value. From our award winning loudspeaker brands Jamo and MK Sound to the unsurpassed projection screens from Screen Innovations, where you can be comfortable viewing your favourite movie in a lit environment, to the mind boggling contrast ratio in a cinema.

Powering our speakers is Parasound Halo amplifiers designed by the legenray John Curl. The high current capabilities of Parasound Halo and New Classic series, ensures smooth and controlled louspeaker performance at any giving volume.

The Vogel's AV supports carrying a lifetime guarantee, uncomplicate the ability to hang flat screens on walls, floors or ceilings. The projector brackets maintain a rock steady platform at any height or application.

The HD Anywhere product does a seemless task in transporting 2K or 4K to any room in the home over single wire tranmission. Use the 4x4 or 8x8 HD video matrix's to enjoy any video or picture anywhere.