What is Axium ?

Axium is a multi award winning distributed audio system and control brand, proudly designed in New Zealand

Axium prides itself as a hi-fidelity distributed audio system, with a huge attention to detail. This fanatic process is what has given us the ability to design a product that can be tailored in many ways for almost any environment, with the flexibility of 4 – 96 zones of expansion. Enjoy simple to use keypads, touch screens, Android and Apple apps, or integrate into another control system with RS-232 or IP.

Some of the awesome Axium products on offer.....

Axium AX-1250 Multiroom Streaming / Amplifier

8 Zones, 13 Sources + 32 distributed sources

The Axium AX-1250 features 6 powered zones delivering 55 watts per speaker and 2 independent preamp zones. 12 physical sources - 8 combined digital/analogue and 4 dedicated digital coax/optical inputs plus a Network Audio decoder that can stream from the local network, the Internet or a mobile device (phone or tablet) connected to the network.
Add to that the ability to access up to 32 distributed sources from any compatible amplifier on the network (Axium AX-1250 and Axium Mini 4) and you will not be running out of inputs any time soon!

Axium AMM Media Manager

The Axium AX-AMM features 4 digital coaxial connections and 8 available network streams (This provides a total of 12 physical sources available to any Axium amplifier on the network*). At the time of writing, the Axium AX-AMM supports Apple Airplay, Spotify Connect, TIDAL, TuneIn, Network shares (UPnP, SMB), play from your device and Axium Favourites. The Axium AX-AMM supports a large list of audio files. Included in this list is AAC (MPEG4), FLAC (lossless) and WAV files. Although the Axium AX-AMM supports audio with sample rates of up to 192 kHz, it has a maximum output sample rate of 96 kHz. The AX-AMM performs sample rate conversion when required to support as many formats as possible.