1968 - Glyngøre, Denmark: In the pursuit of finding audio design perfection, Carpenter Preben Jacobsen and his brother-in-law Julius Mortensen began the iconic speaker brand - JAMO. Jacobsen + Mortensen = JAMO.

For 50 years Jamo has been designing speakers for real life. From traditional bookshelf and floorstanding speakers to modern digital speakers, Jamo has always been interested in cutting edge design as well as audio performance.


For over half a century JAMO has designed and engineered its products utilizing some of the most talented, skilled and passionate people in the industry – starting with Preben Jacobsen, in a hen house in Glyngøre, Denmark. Today, advanced acoustics research and development continues with some of the most brilliant minds in consumer electronics and some of the most well-designed products in the industry. We continue to innovate, honoring the principals and ideals of Preben Jacobsen and Julius Mortensen, providing high performance sound to the places where we live, integrating beautifully into our environments.


The aesthetic of Jamo’s flagship Concert Series was envisioned by Kieron Dunk, world-renowned industrial designer. Concert series’ beautiful exteriors house high performance drivers, acoustically tuned to provide open, transparent playback of movies and music. Warm, natural sound is delivered throughout the environment, enveloping the listener.
High quality cabinetry, designer finishes and advanced technologies combine to create gorgeous furniture with exceptional acoustics surpassed only by their beauty. Premium finishes, satin painted MDF baffles, polished chrome logo, satin aluminum trim rings, centre plugs and stabilizer feet make the Concert series aesthetically elegant, while providing exceptional performance.


The new Jamo Studio 8 series has been completely reimagined to live seamlessly in modern, premium environments. Contemporary material and finish choices, such as wood grain accents, matte polymer veneers and magnetic woven linen grilles accentuate the clean, minimalist lines of this European design. The compact cabinet designs are an ideal solution for urban living environments around the world. Building on classic Jamo Studio acoustics, the new Studio 8 line represents an amazing value for the price - bringing high design and high performance to any budget. An exclusive electrical contact system allows easy integration of Dolby Atmos® elevation modules without the use of additional speaker wires, for a truly minimalist aesthetic.


Add immersive Dolby Atmos® height effects to any existing home theater with Jamo ATM 50 atop your tower or monitor speakers for dynamic, threedimensional sound for movies and music.
ATM 50’s coaxial design utilizes point source for focused, immersive elevation effects, while the 1” soft dome tweeter and 5.25” aluminized polyfiber woofer provide dynamic, balanced, distortion-free sound. ATM 50’s designer aesthetic blends with any high performance home theater system. The exclusive grille design provides built-in front stage occlusion for lifelike, powerful overhead effects.


Don't just hear your movies, experience them with the robust, earth-shaking bass of Jamo high-performance subwoofers. These low-fr equency subs fill rooms with deeper acoustics and at the same time - look incredible in your space. Utilizing modern designs and acoustic technologies, Jamo subwoofers demonstrate the difference a real subwoofer can make to your sound experience.
The Jamo Subwoofer line-up is comprised of more than just highly versatile, quality products; each member of the range is tuned with a dynamic, balanced sound that can be combined with an existing Jamo sound system or any other quality audio system. Jamo subwoofers are specially designed to broaden your experience of low frequencies, from explosions and earthquakes to subtle musical nuances and dynamic peaks.


Building upon 50 years of innovative design and acoustic research, Jamo is pleased to introduce our first-ever sound bar collection. Featuring furniture-grade design aesthetics, organic materials, and professionally designed drivers for superior sound clarity and dynamics, Jamo sound bars deliver the best in performance and style.
Incorporating Jamo technologies such as Anti-Diffraction Waveguide (ADW) to provide improved off-axis response with more uniform high frequency extension, these professionally tuned sound bars deliver quality sound for your living room, bedroom, office – anywhere you have a TV. Up to three distinct listening modes are available – virtual surround, dialog enhancement and night listening (Studio SB 40 only) – enable you to easily augment your experience. Additionally, you can connect and listen to content from your smartphone or tablet, thanks to the inclusion of Bluetooth® 4.0 technology.


Home audio moves through the room and home, concealed in the walls. Jamo In-Wall Speakers deliver a concealed listening experience that follows the listener throughout the house.


Built with the durable, long-lasting materials, Jamo In-Ceiling Speakers distinctive shape and advanced technology are the ideal home theater solution. Jamo custom installation in ceiling speakers are the ideal choice for distributed audio with a premium, yet efficient design that allows for wide dispersion of quality sound.


Even difficult spaces can sound great and look well-designed. Introducing the JAMO ULTRA-SLIM IN-WALL/CEILING SPEAKERS – featuring shallow depth, 50mm enclosed back boxes. With premium acoustics straight from the legendary JAMO Custom Architectural Series, these ULTRA-SLIM speakers bring high performance sound to a compact package, delivering great sound where installation space is limited.


Your music doesn't have to be contained in four walls. Jamo outdoor speakers let you take the ambiance out on the patio and by the pool. Redesigned from the ground up for even better sound from smaller form factors. Jamo outdoor speakers feature voicing more representative of Jamo home theater solutions, these speakers deliver an enveloping experience while virtually disappearing into the landscape.

The all-new Jamo Landscape speakers provide the utmost in audio performance while integrating seamlessly and beautifully into even the most luxurious outdoor living spaces. With a long-throw 4” aluminum full-range driver, the JL-4 landscape satellite uses the same high performance acoustic design philosophies of legendary Jamo hi-fi products, bringing the world’s most balanced, dynamic, detailed sound to your outdoor living space. Low impedance and 70V installation options make the Jamo Landscape speakers the ideal outdoor audio solution for any commercial or residential application. The half burial subwoofer design allows for large cabinet volume necessary for maximum low frequency extension and output, while remaining hidden in its environment. Weather-resistant construction and IP45 certification ensures that Jamo landscape speakers will offer the best in outdoor audio all year long.


The JAMO JDA-500 DSP Amplifier offers powerful performance in a sleek, hightech, one-rack unit solution. From small residential systems to massive commerciaL installs, these amps deliver efficient reliability and all the power you need. JAMO DSP Amplifiers feature low impedance and 70V/100V compatibility for maximum installation flexibility.

These 500W rack-mountable amplifiers boast a fully matrixed 4x4 I/O (balanced and unbalanced) for superior system customization. The plentiful I/O, impedance and acoustic settings are fully matrixed and customizable through a streamlined app. The JAMO DSP Amplifier pre sets include JAMO speaker settings for oneclick optimization with JAMO products.


THX is a high-fidelity sound reproduction standard for any sound equipment used with movies. A series of stringent technical requirements must be met before THX certification can be given. The THX seal of approval is your assurance that your sound experience will be exactly what the film’s artists, technicians and creators intended.
These highly advanced Jamo systems meet the THX standard, while at the same time are truly musical hi-fi speaker systems. Consisting of a line of carefully designed elements equipped with advanced technology, these speakers produce the same powerful and detailed sound you would only expect in real life or in the best cinemas.
Technological innovation combined with an inside-out knowledge of electronics, speaker design, acoustics and cabinet-making has made us a leader in the THX speaker market.