Our passion for experiences, however, does not end with the absolute best, most unique, and innovative screens in the galaxy, but by also partnering our dealers with a forward thinking company that actually cares. We are not just in the business of revolutionary product development, we're in the business of revolutionary partner development.


The first screen in space.

On April 14, 2015 – Screen Innovations went where no other screen manufacturer has gone before. NASA commissioned SI to build the first projection screen that would go in space and live aboard the International Space Station (ISS).

Black Diamond®

Not everyone wants to retreat to a darkened room to enjoy watching the game, or playing games with friends and family. We solved this problem in 2008 when we released Black Diamond®, the first (and still the only) optical screen that rejects light from above, below, and on both sides.

Zero Edge®

We took a close look at traditional frame design and found that removing the 3.5” bezel created a more aesthetically pleasing look, and allowed projection screens, for the first time, to be incorporated into the design of a room.


We spent two years in the lab to create a flexible, ALR screen that can go massive, adheres to only the strictest visual acuity and uniformity standards, and most importantly – is affordable.


Say goodbye to the black mask above the viewing surface with Zero-G®, an all-new take on motorized projection screens.