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Choosing Speakers

Speakers determine the overall sound quality of your system, so it's definitely worth the extra time to listen to several different models before making a decision. But a good set of speakers alone won't necessarily guarantee favourable results. Other important factors in choosing the right model include: speaker type, listening space, stereo components used to power the system, and, of course, personal preference.
Before you even start researching speaker features, evaluate the room where you'll place the speakers. A variety of factors in a room can affect the type of speakers you'll want to choose.

Create a setup to suit your entertainment

Speaker configurations are uniquely suited to the type of audio you'll listen to. If you're interested in how your music collection sounds, you'll want to purchase quality left and right stereo speakers. For movies, you can expand your setup by creating a surround sound environment with a receiver and additional speakers that offer an immersive home theatre experience.

What else is in the room?

The space you'll place your speakers will affect the sound quality. Hard surfaces like windows and wood floors will reverberate sound, which can distort the audio by amplifying your speaker power or cancelling out the sound. Softer surfaces like drapes and carpeting can absorb sound, and irregular surfaces like bookcases will diffuse (spread out) sound.
Portable speakers offer you placement flexibility, so you can enjoy music in any room, while traveling or at an outdoor party. Some portable speakers also feature a rechargeable battery, so you don't need to be near an outlet to listen, making it even easier to take your music on-the-go.

Trust your ears

Each person appreciates a different part of the audio experience. Have you ever had a friend adjust your car audio settings and you can't understand what's wrong with him? The same is true with your home speaker setup. Take some time to understand what it is that you appreciate: smooth sound, bright tones, heavy bass? Visit our store to experience a few models and then use that knowledge when shopping.